Flying Over The City Of Lights With Ceasars Entertainment FLY LINQ!

Las Vegas is getting an innovative and world-class high-end zip line that will extend across the Promenade strip high above the lights and buildings. Fly LINQ is expected to be one of the most premiere attractions that Las Vegas has to offer. The masterminds behind this great concept are Caesars Entertainment Corporation and it is expected to cost approximately $20 million with the assembly beginning in the middle of the coming year.

The platforms are designed to be so big that ten riders can be propelled simultaneously with spectators all over the entertainment section viewing from below. Bob Morse, who is the President of Hospitality of the company, surmises that Fly LINQ will generate a lot of activity for the LINQ Promenade. This includes thrill seekers from the artists themselves who work in the area.

The highly anticipated zip line blueprints have guests starting off on their journey with an elevator that has clear glass viewing access as they ascend to the top floor one hundred and twenty-two feet up in the air. This is approximately twelve stories in elevation. While this is enough to get the adrenalin going in and of itself, the actual take-off can be launched with hands stretched out in the flying position or in a sitting posture.

Either way, thrills and chills are sure to abound! Suiting up will be done by one of the staff professionals to ensure all safety regulations have been performed before the mass launch takes place. Upon expulsion, which is 1,080 feet up on the rooftop, riders will travel at a very fast speed estimated to be around 35 mph to the High Roller section. This is where they’ll disembark. The journey is approximately 1,056 feet long and the rider will be afforded with the opportunity to have their picture taken both collectively or individually, during their adrenaline-charged flight. Specially designed cables and mechanisms, by some of the most innovative front-runners in the zip line industry, will be implemented to avoid any delay for people waiting in line to launch next.

A new adventure and entertainment company by the name of Xventure LV, LLC, who travels the country designing and developing adrenaline charged entertainment and attractions will be commandeering and overseeing operations and the expansion of Fly LINQ in Las Vegas. A lot of thought and design went into the inception of the Zip line’s location and construction. The attraction was specifically chosen to be implemented in the Las Vegas Promenade area in order to amalgamate the areas other wonderful attractions, restaurants, casinos and bars.

As a matter of fact, Caesars Entertainment is one of the largest companies spread all over the world in the casino industry. With over forty-seven casinos throughout the United States and other nation states, Caesars Entertainment is committed and passionate about providing state-of-the-art technology and operational superiority in all they develop and provide to the casino industry. The FLY LINQ zip line is highly anticipated to be the next must-see and do hotspot around.