Dissolving of Netherland Antilles Not Expected to Affect Online Gambling

The Netherland Antilles is one of the biggest online gambling hubs in the world, hosting many different online casinos from around the world. Although the Netherland’s had banned online gambling, the five islands of the Antilles had autonomy on the issue.

Now, however, the islands of Curacao and St. Maarten have become overseas territories of the Netherlands, but online gambling professionals believe that this will not beat negative effects on the industry.

With the Netherland’s new government already considering the option of legalizing and regulating online gambling on the mainland, the likeliness of banning the activity on the country’s territories seems highly unlikely. Politicians, land-based operators and citizens across the country are all in favour of opening up Netherland’s online gambling industry to international operators.

Once the country finally opens its online gambling market, it is likely that the island of Curacao (which is the largest gambling hub in the former Netherland Antilles) will be much busier regulating an influx of new online casinos.

However, if the country decides to uphold its gambling ban, the island of Curacao is predicted to continue its online gambling operations. The dissolving is considered to be simply symbolic, and it is unlikely that any of the island’s current laws will be changed.

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