Theo Zwanziger, the head of Germany’s football federation, has called for a review of the decision that granted Qatar the World Cup Football Tournament in 2022. His request comes just days after it was revealed that Qatar paid officials in other countries to vote.

Ever since Qatar was deemed the host of the 2022 World Cup Games, football fans and officials from around the world were confused about the situation. One of the biggest concerns about the South Africa games was that the hot climate interfered with the players’ abilities. Qatar’s temperatures can reach upwards of 50 degrees Celsius, causing officials to wonder why anyone would want a repeat of the situation in South Africa.

Additionally, Qatar is a very small country. Several officials were left wondering how such a small country could receive the votes necessary to win the 2022 games.

Jack Warner, FIFA’s Vice-President, leaked an email that stated Mohammed Bin Hammam conducted several deals to secure Qatar as the host of the 2022 World Cup tournament. Shortly after, FIFA’s secretary general confirmed the accusation.

However, Sepp Blatter, the recently re-elected FIFA President, has stated that the 2022 will be not altered, but officials want to have a re-vote on the topic.

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