Online Games Offered With A Live Dealer

Online Casino Live Dealer Games

Live dealer casinos do not have the popularity of mobile gaming but fill a niche. There are not many games or software providers. These games are designed for men and offer beautiful young women as dealers. They combine a real person spinning the roulette wheel or dealing cards with the advantages available with online play. This type of game requires the same interface. The players decisions are displayed for the live dealer. The table layout is generally digital and the player only sees the wheel and the person spinning it. The only live dealer games offered are popular and dealer friendly.

The most popular of these games is Blackjack. They players place their bets prior to being dealt two cards each. The player can hit, double, stand, surrender or split. Once the players turns are completed the dealer turns over their second card. Live dealer blackjack is played the same as in land based casinos but it is slower.

Most people are familiar with roulette. The players place their bets on red, black, odd or even. The payouts begin with even money and increase to 35 to 1. American roulette uses double zero wheels and single zero wheels are used for French or European roulette. The house edge for single zero wheels is lower than for double zero wheels. The player determines their bet and the wheel is spun by the dealer. The bets are paid when the ball lands.

Baccarat is a well performing live dealer game because all actions are completed by the dealer once the player has made their wager. The bets are made on the player, banker or tie. Two hands consisting of two cards each are dealt by the dealer. The rules are set and every hand either receives another card or stands. The players with winning bets are paid and betting for the next round begins.

Three card poker is not available at many live dealer casinos. A three card poker hand is played against the dealer. The dice game called Sic Bo is popular in the Asian markets. The bets are placed on the potential outcome of the dice. The payouts are based on the different combinations and the odds. Casio Holdem is based on Texas Holdem but it is different. This is a table game between the dealer and one player. An ante wager is made by the player and two hole cards are received by the dealer. The flop consists of three community cards revealed by the dealer. The hand is completed when the player makes another bet or folds.

The three main providers of online live dealer software are Microgaming, Playtech and Evolution Gaming. Global Gaming Labs is new to the market. Each provider offers a different selection of games and variations to the market. There are not many live dealers platforms for the players in the United States currently available. Global Gaming Labs offers baccarat, roulette and blackjack. This software package is professional and appealing although it is not currently being offered on a very wide basis.