Gambling Addict Sues BCLC Over Faulty Problem Gambling Program

The self-exclusion program run by the British Columbia Lottery Commission has come under fire recently, as an increasing number of former members come forward to voice their concerns. The primary complaint has stated that the program failed to keep the self-excluded gamblers from entering various British Columbia casinos. The effects of the negligence have been so detrimental that many members have lost their life savings, and now they are looking to sue the BCLC for damages.

According to The Province, 54-year-old Joyce May Ross is suing the BCLC and two casinos in British Columbia for breach of contract and negligence. After she enrolled in the lottery commission’s self-exclusion program, Ross had hoped that she would be barred from entering any casinos in the province. Unfortunately, the program failed to identify her and restrict access, allowing her to gamble $331 0000 away.

Ross’ writ states that employees at two BC casinos witnessed her gambling and refused to stop her from doing so. Having registered with the self-exclusion program, her photo was kept on file for identification purposes, but casino staff failed to identify her as a problem gambler.

Although there have been several complaints regarding the effectiveness of the BCLC’s program, Ross is the first member that has attempted to sue the commission. The case may set precedent, encouraging other members to come forward and take legal action against the BCLC.

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