Data Reflects Playing Habits in Online Poker

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Rutgers University annually takes out a report on the behavior of the gamblers and the gaming policies in New Jersey. As per the report, in the year 2014 and 2015, most of the online casinos in New Jersey witnessed a surge in the registration of a single account. Even though there are over a dozen New Jersey-based online casinos, more than seventy percent of the gamblers were registered in a single online casino in the year 2014.

From the remaining customers, half of them were registered with the two other casino sites. It means that most of the gamblers playing in online casinos in New Jersey are registered with just one or two online casinos. It points to the fact that most of the online casino players are loyal to their casinos and do not easily switch.

However, it is seen that the customers with multiple accounts have been increasing drastically in the past few years from six percent in the year 2014 to more than eight percent in 2015. It is these gamblers that are having around three to four or even more casino accounts. The top players who spend the most on online casinos, as per Rutgers’ Research are found to have four accounts mostly.

The report said that while most of the players prefer to wager on one site, a small group of players is having multiple accounts and playing in different sites. The report suggests that the online gamblers in New Jersey can be categorized into three groups, namely loyalists with one account, discerning gamblers with two or more accounts, and Mercenaries with more than four accounts.

It can be said without a doubt that most of the gamblers in Atlantic City visit different casinos from time to time even though they do have a preferred casino where they enjoy more simply because of higher rewards or the ambiance. Most of the casinos are linked with their offline casinos, and thus, it doesn’t come as a surprise that many gamblers would prefer to wager at the online site of their offline preferred choice of the casino. However, the report says that many of the online casino players are online exclusive and thus, are more towards the discerning category as described above.

There are many reasons why people choose to stay loyal to the site they first sign-up, and the primary reason is that they are satisfied with the site and have emotional connect with the site due to memories of winning and losing on the site. Also, the process of signing-up can be one of the mental blocks for many users that may seem to be too cumbersome to go through again.

The Rutgers’ Research also suggests that there are similarly plenty of reasons to have multiple accounts, and the primary reason given by most users with multiple accounts is a bad experience at the associated land-based casino or dissatisfied with the online site or its features. Many users are enticed when a new casino enters the online market or are attracted by a lucrative sign-up offer or bonus. The users with more than four accounts are value-seeker and are constantly exploring different online sites and are interested in playing high-value tournaments.