Next Gambling Hub To Be Built in Spain

Las Vegas and Atlantic City are home to the world’s biggest gambling capitals. Recently, Macau in Asia has risen to the kind of ranks that rival the notoriety of these established gambling hubs. The next location on the world map to see similar development will be Spain, as Las Vegas Sands has announced its plans to build a €15 billion casino strip in Iberia.

For weeks now, LVS has been in negotiations with the authorities in Barcelona and Madrid, working out the details of the new location. According to the company’s CEO Sheldon Adelson, the new centre will be a miniature version of Las Vegas. He plans on using the name “Euro Vegas” or something similar.

The news has surprised many people around the world, as Spain’s economy is currently suffering. However, the new development could create nearly 200 000 jobs for locals, which would certainly help to boost the country’s failing economy.

The development is garnering a great deal of interest from local companies, who wish to help in the building of Euro Vegas. There is currently no date set for when construction will begin, but the astounding support for the initiative suggests it will be sooner than later.

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