Saskatchewan Slot Machine Mistakenly Awards $29 000

A slot machine at the Moose Jaw Casino in Saskatchewan is under investigation after police officials suspect that the machine has mistakenly given away $29 000 to players.

The machine allegedly gave away $216 worth of credits in exchange for $50 from players. Several players discovered the malfunction and took advantage of the generous payouts. Police suspect that this had been going on for days before an honest casino-goer informed the casino operator that something was amiss.

The machine has been removed from the premises and will undergo investigation. A pair of individuals have been suspected to have rigged the machine; they have been caught on camera, but charges have yet to be laid.

The Crown has claimed that the casino lost nearly $29 000 thanks to the machine. A casino in Regina had a similar problem with two slot machines, and the games have been pulled as well.

The police have been unable to recover any of the lost money from players who took advantage of the malfunction.  Should the investigation prove that the machines were indeed tampered, the casino will seek compensation from the manufacturer of the games.

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