No Valentine Lotto Max Jackpot Or MaxMillions Winners This Year

If you’re a regular lottery player hoping for a special Valentine’s Day reward from Lotto Max, there was no gift waiting this year.  According to spokespeople from the lottery provider, the winning numbers for the $50 million jackpot did not match any of the tickets sold leading up to the February 14 draw.

However, players will get another chance to bet on winning the jackpot next Friday when Lotto Max holds another $50 million draw.  But this draw will also include 10 MaxMillions prizes, each worth $1 million, which could potentially make 11 new millionaires across Canada.

Lotto Max jackpots max out at $50 million, and when jackpots are not won on a certain draw, they roll over into the following week.  Any additional money made from ticket sales is placed into the MaxMillions side pots, a secondary prize that is unique to other lotteries played in the country.  The MaxMillions prizes are always valued at $1 million each, and grow in volume the longer the main jackpot remains in play.

The Valentine’s Day draw includes 2 MaxMillions prizes, but like the main jackpot, did not match any sold ticket numbers.  These two prizes will be in play once again on February 21, and the remaining money from other ticket sales will be pooled into 8 separate MaxMillions prizes.

Tickets for next Friday’s draw can be bought up until 9pm EST on February 21, the date and time the lottery is in play.  Will you take a gamble on becoming an instant millionaire?

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