Kingston Interested In Casino Gambling

In Kingston, the topic of casino gambling is a heated one. The city is very much on the fence when it comes to deciding whether or not a casino should be built. A decision has been made to host a council meeting to discuss the issue of bringing casino gambling to Kingston; however, it has not been well-received by many local politicians.

 The decision to simply hold a meeting on the issue of constructing a new casino in Kingston was a huge controversy. A recent council meeting was held over the course of two days so the city could figure out how to proceed with the construction of a new casino. Kingston Councillor Rob Hutchison has warned city officials to stay away from the idea of casino gambling, but the mayor wants to find out exactly how the public feels about the venture.

“I can’t fathom how any elected official doesn’t want to hear what the public says before making a decision," says Kingston Mayor Mark Gerretsen.

Several years ago, Kingston made the decision not to launch a new casino, but times have changed. The Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation has announced its plans to modernize the province’s gambling market, and is interested in finding out which municipalities would like to host a new casino. So, now seems to be the ideal time to bring the topic back to the table.

"We need to be open to hear what residents have to say whether we like it or not," says Councillor Dorothy Hector. “You have to listen”.

The meeting concerning the future of casino gambling in Kingston will take place on August 8th. At the meeting, residents and local politicians will be able to voice their opinions about bringing casino gambling to Kingston. It is likely to be a heated debate, and we are interested to see the outcome.


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