888 Casino Launches 3D Slots Game

Three-dimensional multimedia seems to be the future of the entertainment industry. 3D movies have just made a comeback and now sales of 3D TVs are through the roof. It was only a matter of time before online casinos got in on the action, and 888 seems to be the first as the company has just announced the release of its new 3D online slots game.

The game, titled The Magical Forest, made its debut last week at the first event of the Premiere Darts League. 12 000 pairs of 3D-classes were handed out at the event, as spectators got the chance to try out the new game.

Like the rest of 888’s online casino offering, Magical Forest will run on proprietary software. The game has been developed in house by 888’s own team of developers, making it completely unique to the online gambling world.

Very few details have been revealed about the new game. All announcements so far have been teasers to pique the interest of those in the online gambling community. It seems that this kind of buzz will be the thing that 888 needs to get back on its feet. Already, industry insiders and players are talking about the new online slots game, and it is likely that Magical Forest will garner a great deal of attention.



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