Online Poker Traffic Increases

It seems that France’s new online gambling laws have certainly have a positive impact on the industry overall. PokerScout has revealed that online poker traffic increased by 1.3% during the last week of August, indicating that the industry is on an upswing due to the changing online gambling laws in various countries.

While the market as a whole grows, some companies may be negatively affected. Microgaming, for example, offered Ladbroke’s online casino some of its own table games. Last year, the network earned 57% of its traffic from Microgaming’s online poker games. This year, only 20% of the traffic could be attributed to the games.

Unfortunately, Microgaming may also continue to miss out on newly opened markets once the United States legalizes online gambling. Unlike Playtech and other competitors, Microgaming has yet to take any steps towards preparing for the opening of the American online gambling market. While the industry will benefit overall from the development, Microgaming may, once again, be left out in the cold.

However, there are still ample opportunities available in France’s online gambling market. Although Microgaming was one of the few online casino developers to exit the market, it can still find other ways to benefit through forging relationships with other operators. Otherwise, Microgaming may be left behind working in less profitable markets.

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