Online Casino Operators To Study Mobile Gaming Habits

A new study by online gaming solutions provider GreenTube reveals the habits of mobile and online gamers. The study is the first of its kind, and could provide some valuable insight for online casino operators.

As the use of smartphones becomes more widespread, an increasing number of mobile gamers emerge. For software designers to be successful and appeal to their target audience, they must understand the demographics and behavior of the users who are downloading their products. This study reveals and compares the data, providing the online gaming world at large with a snapshot of the market.

According to the study, male users are more likely to pay for their games, whether they are using a mobile phone or a computer. Knowing this, online casino operators could target their marketing efforts towards male audiences, as female mobile users are less likely to deposit money in order to play games.

The study also revealed that mobile users are less likely to play regularly, as opposed to online gamers who log into their chosen gaming applications regularly. It seems as though mobile devices are not used the primary choice for regular gamers. Instead, mobile gaming is reserved for occasional and spontaneous activities.

The most significant portion of the study revealed that the target group of mobile gamers ranges up to individuals who are 24-years-old. As many online casino operators want to appeal to younger and more tech-savvy audiences, Mobile gaming is the next big step in the online gambling industry, and operators should take heed of the trends and demographics that will ensure their success.

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