Blackberry Playbook Recalled

With the Blackberry Playbook, Research In Motion sought out to obtain a portion of the tablet computer marketshare from Apple and the Google Android. The device has been greatly anticipated all over the world, but RIM is encountering some obstacles before it can make a splash in mobile entertainment industry.

This week, RIM was forced to recall 1000 new Blackberry Playbooks, as the devices were not functioning with the company’s operating system.  According to RIM, the affect Playbooks had not yet customers and are still in the distribution channel. Over the next few days, the company will work to replace these units.

The Blackberry Playbook was expected to take some of the market share away from Apple and Android tablets. Because the device has the functionality to use Flash, players can access games that they would not normally be able to use on the iPad, such as online casinos and online poker rooms. This has been a huge selling point for the device, appealing to mobile gamers.

However, this hiccup has made potential customers weary of the device. RIM has just announced that the Playbook will be available in the UK on June 16, but the company is worried that the recall may discourage users in the UK from purchasing the device.

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