UK-Based Secure Trading Launches Compliant Online Gaming Platform

Secure Trading, a leading provider of global payment and security services based in London, has launched its ST-1 platform, the company’s first end-to-end compliant transaction system that would suit the needs of U.S.-based online gambling operators.

Secure Trading explains that ST-1 has the capability to manage every aspect of an online gambling transaction, from point of player registration, to deposit payments through withdrawal. Once the platform has been integrated to an existing online gambling system, operators will be able to process account deposits, manage back office transactions, and handle withdrawals in a secure and compliant environment.

As a turnkey online gambling solution, it performs real-time player identity checking, location verification, furnishes responsible gambling controls and anti-fraud measures, as well as maintains a transparent audit trail that will satisfy all stakeholders involved, including state legislators and banking institutions.

As those aspects are difficult to achieve in light of the fragmented conditions of the regulated gambling industry in the U.S., Kobus Paulsen, CEO at Secure Trading Group said that ST-1 is the culmination of their years of hard work. “We’ve managed to create the ideal platform for gambling operators, allowing them to seamlessly operate in the new US gambling landscape.” 

Accordingly, ST-1 makes certain that adherence to state and federal regulation will no longer be an issue that online gambling facilities in the U.S. encounter as difficulties. The company’s proprietary technology enables operators to carry on with online operations in accordance with legislative policies. 

After all, regulators across the globe have called on Secure Trading’s expert specialists to provide insight pertaining to Internet gambling regulation. The company’s involvement in the formulation of regulations for licensing and tax matters includes providing expert testimony in congressional hearings, as well as drafting legislative solutions for the prevention of money laundering, acts of fraud and the occurrence of underage participation in online gambling activities.  

The company claims that its team of experts in Europe and the U.S. were responsible for the design of the rules being implemented in jurisdictions that permit the operation of regulated remote gambling facilities. The experience therefore puts them in the best position when it comes to understanding not only the risks faced by online gambling operators, but also the regulations with which they have to comply.

In having that kind of expertise, Secure Trading offers Internet gambling services that will allow remote gambling operators to break into fresh markets, reduce risks against fraud and at the same time optimize revenue.  All of which could be achieved while staying fully compliant with industry regulations, and without the need to be wary of the complexity posed by a situation or condition.

Secure Trading’s roster of well-placed customers in the U.S. include the likes of Bwin-Party Digital Entertainment, Caesars’ World Series of  Poker, Fantasy League, Georgia Lottery, Illinois Lottery and Sportech USA.

Secure Trading CEO Paulsen considers the U.S. online gaming sector as one that is potentially lucrative, but many operators have been unable to participate due to the difficulties presented by compliance requirements. “We believe our solution can cause a step-change and enable operators to easily set up and succeed in what will soon be a burgeoning market.”

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