OLG Adds New All In Progressive Game To Popular Poker Lotto

The OLG is responsible for managing several popular lotteries across Ontario that capture the thrills, the attention, and of course the money from gamers everywhere.  Some of these lotteries place intriguing twists on the traditional format, such as Poker Lotto which replaces the numbers from standard lotteries with symbols from a deck of cards.

Poker Lotto was first launched in 2010, and since its inception has awarded players over 39 million prizes.  Tickets for the standard Poker Lotto game cost $2, and are available at most lottery terminals across the province.  Players can bet on in store prizes that are worth up to $5,000, and may also compete in nightly draws worth as much as $100,000.

But the OLG is adding a new layer to the depth of Poker Lotto with the new ‘All In’ game.  All In costs players an extra $1 to enter the game, and is played in store when the ticket is purchased.  The minimum prize value begins at $10,000, and continues growing progressively until someone wins the jackpot.

Wendy Montgomery, Vice President of OLG Lottery Marketing and Sales, says the odds of winning Poker Lotto are substantially greater for all players with the new All In game.

Based on the odds of winning and the rate at which people play, the All In instant jackpot could potentially grow to more than $100,000 before it is won!

Get ready to ante up and go All In for a chance to win – the prize keeps growing until someone takes down the pot.

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