Politicians Want Support for American Online Gambling Bill

Recent reports have shown that Nevada is working hard to develop its online gambling market. Granting preliminary approval to a wide range of companies has put Nevada far ahead of other states interested in passing online gambling legislation. However, many politicians hope to see online gambling legislation passed on a federal level rather than having individual states pass their own gaming laws.

Politicians Harry Reid and John Kyl have drafted a proposed federal online gambling bill. They are currently shopping it around to other politicians, hoping to obtain the support needing to make legalized online poker a reality.

“Here’s the issue, Sen. Kyl and I’ve worked very hard”, Reid said in an interview with Daily Dose. “What we need to do is get some Republican support”.

Senator Dean Heller seems to be the most dedicated to the cause. Legalizing and regulating online poker and other casino games in America seems to be his top priority, as he works hard to gain support from Republican politicians on the issue. He has spoken to a number of politicians about the issue and is heavily involved in the passage of a federal online gambling bill.

This is the ideal time for the American government to introduce a federal online gambling legislation. Most politicians want to see online gambling laws consistent across all states. Since only two states – Illinois and Delaware – have legalized the activity, politicians want to do the same on a federal level before the market becomes fragmented.

We can use Europe as an example of how detrimental a fragmented online gambling market can be. England, Italy, France, Germany and Spain all have different online gambling laws, many of which violate the European Union’s free trade regulations. The result has been a number of disagreements between EU member states, and the American federal government wants to prevent the same situation from taking place on this side of the pond.

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