Betfair Launches First Gambling App for iPad

After the iPad was released earlier this summer, online gambling developers went into a frenzy, devising new applications that could be used on the innovative new device. After months of hard work, Betfair has now become the first online casino operator to launch an iPad application for online gambling.

The application is available today. It will be a free download, so players can get a taste of what the innovative new application has to offer.

Don Fotsch, User Experience Director at BetFair believes that the launch of the new iPad application is an example of the company’s dedication to being on the cutting edge of the online gambling industry at all times.

“Once more, we are pushing our boundaries when it comes to adapting our products to the latest web and technology trends”, he says.

Earlier this year, Betfair released its iPhone gambling app, become the first operator to design software for the handheld device. The new iPad app will function in exactly the same way as the iPhone program, with a few added features to take advantage of the iPad’s form. It seems that Betfair is going to have a monopoly on the Apple software market.

The new application will be available in the UK and Ireland at first, but it is expected to launch in several other countries across Europe over time.

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