Online Poker Makes Leap into Social Media Realm

 A new development by online gaming firm Miles Ahead will make the popularity of online poker spread like wildfire. Webmasters will now be able to embed poker games into their websites, as the poker client works in the same way as embedding a YouTube video – all you have to do is copy and paste an HTML code.

Embedding videos and other forms of media has proven to be a successful marketing strategy for musicians and other artists. Now, poker is attempting to make a similar move. The game is already a social one, and players are very involved in online communications, sharing stats and experiences on Facebook and forums. The new embedded poker client will allow players to more easily share information and play games with their friends online.

Affiliates who use the new Flash-based poker client will earn two different sources of revenue. As webmasters can embed tables on their forums, websites, blogs and social media pages, they will receive a share of all player rakes. They will also earn referral revenue.

Currently, the technology is in the beta stages, as players, webmasters and affiliates test the software. The application will be available to the public in February and Miles Ahead is also in the development stages of mobile apps for release in the year’s second quarter.

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