Two Powerhouses Join Forces in the Casino Business

In case you haven’t heard, Portugal has premiered their first online casino ever. The man behind the success is Estoril Sol, which joined GAMING1, the second part in this important business achievement. Together, they formed the first online casino. This joint operation is different than what Sol is used to, for he has a long past of casino building around Portugal, usually by himself.

Sol has built an empire of casinos’s including, Casino Estoril, Casino Da Povoa and Casino Lisboa. He has mentioned that this new online casino offers desktop and is available on your mobile. Estoril Sol’s director mentioned how impressed they were with GAMING1 and their company. It shows a different side of GAMING1, other than being just a producer, that they are also a team player.

Each of these two parties holds an equal share, a 50/50 split, which goes to show the amount of mutual trust. The man that developed GAMING1, who’s name is Gérard El Allaf, states that they have had a great business relationship since the beginning. The relationship was formed to benefit both parties and to become as successful apart, as they are together.

They make a great team and are perfect partners for each other. Joining forces, they have already made a big step in the casino business.

Estoril Sol has become the first licensed online operator. Both sides of this partnership are respected by the opposing side and is greatly looked up to for their individual accomplishments in the casino business. When two powerful companies work together, great things are bound to happen.

What GAMING1’s weakness is, Sol’s strength is. They balance each other out and they have dominated their field of expertise ever since they first started working together. Combing Estoril Sol’s knowledge of the business, plus GAMING1’s resources, the two are definitely making things happen, and happen fast.

They both want to be set apart from the rest of the industry and to be unique. The term “better together” is seen among these two. Portugal is for sure going to benefit from this relationship- and maybe the world too.

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