New Online Casino for US Players

Ignition Casino

Ignition CasinoUSA gamers have found it hard to find online gaming options, especially since many states still do not allow players to gamble legally online. Although people are always going to do what they want and may find ways around the laws of the land, many want to stay within the law and only gamble with companies that are legalized to host games online. A new online casino has been open that is not only reputable but something that many USA gamers will love. The casino is called Ignition Casino, and they are not at all new to the casino scene either.

The casino is backed by the Kahnawake Gaming Commission, and they’re the same company that brought other casinos, such as Bovada,, and the Bodog casinos. Since this is a reputable company that has casinos that are known around the world, then this should be more than enough to draw in customers from the USA to start playing the games that they have available. The casino is now open and ready for US gamers to join, and joining only takes less than a minute if you choose to create an account. It’s still possible to test out the games on the website without an account as well.

Those that choose to go to the casino will be glad to know that there is an incredible welcome bonus as well as other bonuses that they can take advantage of during the time that they play in the casino. Those who are brand-new to the casino can enjoy a welcome bonus of up to $1000 of free play, which is not only incredible but is something that many other casinos do not do. The thousand-dollar bonus is a matching bonus, and it’s based on the first deposit only, which means the player must deposit $1000 to get $1000 free play.

Those who want to continue to get free play can also get a “weekly boost” code, which means they can get additional bonuses throughout the week. It’s possible for a person to deposit $100 and get a 100% match on the deposit, and it’s possible to get the bonus up to seven times in a week. With this bonus, it’s possible to get $700 of free bonus money each week to use in the casino, which is another great reason to join the casino. Those that feel the need to play without a bonus can also opt out as well, which is unlikely but is completely up to the player.

There are several different gaming software that is featured in the casino, not just a single software like many other casinos may have. There are tutorials for beginning players, blackjack is available, slots are available, craps are available and more. Those that want to know more about the casino can contact the casino’s customer service, which is available 24 hours a day, making this an excellent casino for those who like to play online.