10% of Time Online is Spent Gaming

Across the world, individuals use the internet for a wide range of purposes, including school work, professional work and keeping in touch with friends. In recent years, gaming has taken over a great deal of internet usage, and a new study shows that the amount of time spent playing online games is on the increase.

The Online Gaming Global Outlook report for 2010 states that 10% of all online time is spent playing games at online casino and other online game websites. The increased access of high-speed internet around the world allows for the support of online games, as dial-up and similar technology did not lend themselves well to playing games online.

Because of this, users can spend more time playing online casino games and other types of browser-based games. In turn, developers are creating new and innovative games to meet the demand for online games as presented by the increasing number of gamers in the online world.

With the increase of mobile gaming and new devices to support the activity, the amount of time spent playing online games is likely to increase in the future. Devices like the iPad 2 and the upcoming Blackberry PlayBook have already got online game developers preparing a whole host of new software.

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