Nevada’s Real Gaming Online Poker Expands Deposit Methods with PayNearMe

Real Gaming, the company that made history as the first to receive an approved Nevada, U.S. license for regulated online poker has added the PayNearMe cash-based payment platform to its roster of available banking methods.

The new service allows “unbanked” RealGaming poker players, to place cash deposits via PayNearMe at Nevada-based 7-Eleven Stores, as alternative to making deposit payment by way of electronic check (ACH), by mailing a check, by funding a wire transfer or paying at the South Point Casino Cashier cage. “Unbanked” customers are those, who for some reason or another, do not maintain a bank account and therefore are likely not qualified to own a credit/debit card. 

The PayNearMe system works by printing a payment order barcode obtained from the RealGaming website. A depositing player will then present the printed barcode to a 7-Eleven store cashier, who will process the cash deposit transaction by scanning the barcode. Once the process is complete, the amount deposited will be immediately reflected as fresh funds in one’s RealGaming real money account.    

Since RealGaming makes a difference in Nevada’s online gambling market as the only Internet-based poker site that allows online playing using mobile devices supported by iOS, Android, Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems, mobile poker players can also have the convenience of using their mobile device when making a deposit via PayNearMe payment system. 

Instead of printing the payment order barcode, RealGaming website will simply send the payment order barcode by way of text message, and the mobile device user can simply forward the barcode to the 7-Eleven Cashier for payment processing.

About RealGaming


RealGaming is the web-based partner of South Point Casino, for which the initial plan was to call the Internet-based poker room as South Point Poker. The poker company and the partnership received the needed Nevada license in 2011, but went live in Nevada only in February of this year, and not as SouthPoint Poker.

Lawrence Vaughan, the CEO of Real Gaming had explained in a previous interview that the reason for the long delay was the company’s decision to use HTML5 in developing a browser-based platform. Doing so, had enabled RealGaming to have the distinction of being the only Nevada online poker facility that offer players the convenience of engaging in poker games using any device, whether desktop, laptop, smartphone, or tablet.

It does not require the installation of a gaming software as the online poker room can be accessed through a player’s preferred web-browser. The only application that registering members have to download is the location verification app, which enables RealGaming customers to play anytime and anywhere within Nevada’s territorial jurisdiction.    

About PayNearMe


PayNearMe is an alternative payment solution by which cash payments can be processed easily and quickly. Formerly known as Kwedit, the company rebranded when it started focusing on cash-based payment services. The processing of all PayNearMe transactions is in coordination with partner-stores like 7-Eleven, Family Dollar and ACE Cash Express. To date, there are about 17,000 payment locations across U.S. states where PayNearMe’s cash payment service is available.

In 2012, PayNearMe integrated mobile technology to its cash-payment platform, allowing the growing number of smartphone users to pay their bills using their mobile device. PayNearMe CEO Danny Shader had pointed out that as the smartphone market continues to grow, consumers are likewise turning to mobile payment methods when paying for goods, services, and facilities. 

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