Online Gambling Is Unique In Every Country

Different Rules Online Casino

Visiting an online casino that operates in Canada relies heavily on where the player is located. Certain provinces have agencies that handle all activity in the region, while the Kahnawake Gaming Commission licenses other online casinos. Canada is fairly straightforward regarding gambling online, but the global landscape is a confusing one. Different countries have various rules for online gambling, some of which have left casino operators in a gray area for years.

Gambling Online for UK Players

The United Kingdom has a very successful market for gambling online. Its success can be attributed to both the online casinos operating in region and the strong regulations on said operators. Any form of remote gambling in the United Kingdom must go through the UK Gambling Commission. This agency is responsible for reviewing applications by online gambling providers and issuing licenses. The UK Gambling Commission also takes corrective measures against online casinos that do not follow regulations. Although it may seem strict, the presence of the Gambling Commission has led to a safe and fair environment for UK casino players. Casinos online in Canada such as BETAT are also available in the United Kingdom.

New Zealand’s Gambling Scene Online

Gambling online in New Zealand is possible, but there is a catch. In 2003, the country passed legislation that forbids the operation of online casinos and sports betting by domestic providers. However, the law does not cover any companies who are located offshore in other countries. Players in New Zealand can access online casinos, as long as they are based overseas. As far as land-based alternatives go, both race tracks and brick-and-mortar casinos are legal in New Zealand. Neighboring country Australia dismantled its online gambling market, which fortunately has not rubbed off on New Zealand.

Online Gambling in Germany

As of 2008, online gambling was supposedly banned in the country of Germany. However, the government made amendments to its laws in 2012 after mounting pressure from the EU. Germany decided to hand out a total of 20 licenses to private casino operators in a small effort to bring legalized online casinos back. The official completion of the process for licensing has never taken place, leaving many internet casino sites in a murky gray area. Players in Germany can typically use an online casino, but it may be in the player’s best interests to check the legality of the site.

Swedish Internet Gambling

Sweden is one of the more complicated regions for gambling online. The country currently has a lottery and gambling market that is basically monopolized by the government. However, it has not stopped privatized operators from offering online casinos in Sweden. The unregulated market for internet gambling in Sweden brings in more than SEK4 billion in a year. In an effort to get the reins on its industry, the Swedish government will be enacting new laws in early 2019. The application process for getting a license is expected to start in July of 2018. If following the example in the United Kingdom, the Swedish model for remote gambling could prove to be fruitful.