Calvin Ayre Makes Predictions 2012’s Gambling Market

Canadian online gambling mogul Calvin Ayre has made his predictions for what will happen this year in the gaming market worldwide. Operating, one of the world’s biggest online gambling brands, Ayre has a great deal of insight into the market, giving him the ability to make informed forecasts for the year ahead. 

With the recent amendment of the 1961 Wire Act, Ayre has a lot to work with when it comes to making predictions for 2012. He believes that it will take at least a decade for the American online gambling market to begin taking shape. Although the reversal of the Wire Act was a big first step for the country, Ayre believes that the country will need time before online gambling is universally-embraced. 

Aside from Nevada, he believes that only one or two other states will launch online gambling websites in the year 2012. Other states will continue to take their time with the creation of online poker rooms and lottery sites. 

Although Europe has made a great deal of progress in the online gambling market thus far, Ayre believes that it has come to a standstill. Overall, the European gambling market is very fragmented and many countries refuse to cooperate with the European Commission’s free trade requirements. As such, Ayre believes that there is not a lot of progress to be made in 2012 in Europe; instead, Asia will surpass in terms of profitability and development.

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