Nevada Gaming Analyst Encourages Canadian Lawmakers To Pass Sportsbetting Bill

The director of the University of Las Vegas Gaming Research Centre encourages Canada’s Senate to stop delaying the sportsbetting bill, and pass the bill into law.  David Schwartz says even in Nevada, three game or parley bets are never as popular as gambling on a single matchup, and believes legalized single game bets in Canada will provide border casinos a competitive edge over their American cousins.

The sportsbetting bill is legally recognized as Bill C-290, and will amend Canada’s sportsbetting laws to include single game wagers at casinos and licensed betting shop locations.  The bill received approval from all of Canada’s federal political parties, and was supported by law enforcement agencies, social gambling support groups, and the majority of provinces.  However, due to opposition from the sports leagues, Bill C-290 hit a roadblock in the Senate, and a number of prominent Conservative senators – who hold a majority in the house – vowed to defeat the legislation.

Sportsbetting is illegal in US casinos outside of Nevada, but Schwartz says Canadians en masse wager on big games while vacationing in Las Vegas.  He says Gaming Research Centre associates speak with various Canadian tourists, who admit they don’t bet on games at home because single game bets are still illegal.  Schwartz says casual gamblers don’t want to put too much money on the line, and encourages the Senate to vote to keep these lost gambling revenues in Canada – and even lure US gamers back across the border.

It would definitely be a draw.  It would give people a reason to cross the border.  It’s something you can do that you can’t do in Detroit.  I think any time you’ve got a product, that’s a little different, it gives you an advantage.

Schwartz says even a number of locals in Las Vegas are waiting for the final four brackets of the March Madness tournament before making a bet.  He says the final weekend of the NCAA event will be huge for Nevada sports books, and Canadian casinos are missing out without the amended laws. 

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