Nevada Uncertain About Its Future With PokerStars

Granting several online gambling licenses recently, Nevada seems to be the best chance for PokerStars to re-enter the American gambling market. However, the Nevada Gambling Control Board does not seem very keen on the idea.

Since PokerStars’ has struck its $731 million deal with the American Department of Justice, the company is allowed to re-enter the American gambling market. However, we anticipate that it will not be easy. PokerStars has a controversial track record in the United States and it is likely that the company will have a lot to prove before it obtains a license from any state.

This summer, the gaming board granted a number of licenses to well-known gambling operators, such as and Interactive Gaming Technology (IGT). About 30 other licensing applications are up for consideration in the coming months and although PokerStars is not one of them at the moment, it could be in the future.

PokerStars had a close relationship with the Nevada government in the years leading up to Black Friday. The two parties work together on ways to change the American gaming market to make online gambling and online poker legal. When PokerStars was discovered to be operating in the country illegal, Nevada politicians felt somewhat betrayed. According to Card Player Magazine, Assemblyman William Horne believed that PokerStars was not entirely honest about its relationship with the American Department of Justice. He stated that he felt that PokerStars knew that it being investigated but failed to mention it to Nevada politicians.

So, it will be an uphill battle for PokerStars if it wants to reclaim its top position in the American online gambling market. Most legislators will be sceptical about the company’s past, making it difficult for the online poker room to obtain a license in the American market.


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