Mobile Poker Club Launches Faster Paced ‘Next! Poker’

Mobile Poker Club, the largest mobile-only poker room, has dealt 200 million hands to over 2.5 mobile subscribers since its inception.  But the mobile poker room is providing an even faster paced version of the game with the launch of ‘Next! Poker.’

The high-speed Next! Poker mobile application allows players to increase the number of hands they play without waiting for the rest of the table to finish the round.  Once a player folds, they move onto a new game with a fresh hand, and a new opportunity to go all in to win.

Mike Hamilton, a spokesperson for Mobile Poker Club, says Next! Poker is available for all Apple and Android powered smartphones and tablets, and expects subscribers will love the fast-paced version of mobile poker.

If you get dealt something like 7-2 or 8-4, then just fold your hand, and you’re transferred to a new table and dealt a fresh hand, maybe even Aces.”

Hamilton also states that Next! Poker is available for players betting real money as well as for people who use play-money accounts, which means all players can get a feel for the faster paced version of poker.  The real-money minimum betting stakes are 2 cents for the small blind and 4 cents for the big blind, meaning Next! Poker is a very affordable option.  Players will also accumulate more mobile player points by playing more hands, which are then redeemable at Mobile Poker Club.

The Next! Poker app is available at the Mobile Poker Club website.  After a quick download, players can go all in.

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