OLG News Conference Scheduled for Today

The OLG has announced that it will be airing a news conference today on CP24 at 10:45am. The exact nature of the conference is currently unknown, but we assume that it has something to do with the new and updated services that the OLG will be offering. 

Finance Minister Dwight Duncan and Paul Godfrey of the OLG will be speaking at the conference. It is likely that they will discuss the possibility of bringing online gambling to Ontario, providing  the public with a glimpse into the future of the OLG and the province’s overall gambling market. 

The OLG is currently in the process of planning its venture into the online gambling market. Selling lottery tickets online and offering online casino games will see the lottery commission follow the example set by the BCLC and Loto Quebec.

According to various sources, a new government-run online gambling website could generate $100 million for the province within 5 years. As such, the idea has gained much more support than the potential plan to build a new casino in Toronto; however, the news conference may also present information about that as well. 


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