Harrah’s Leads The Way For Online Gambling Lobbyists

The passing of Barney Frank’s online gambling legislation was expected to be a sure thing, but as the bill gets closer to becoming a law, more land-based casino operators are voicing their opposition. However, one operator is showing its support and has no been shy about it – Harrah’s, one of the biggest casino operators in America, has put for a valiant effort to muster up support for Frank’s online gambling bill.

While most land-based casinos are worried about losing business to online gambling websites, Harrah’s has decided to take advantage of the technological shift. Recently, Harrah’s has launched its own online casino and the operator is not shy about showing its support for Barney Frank’s online gambling legislation. The company has spent more than $1 million since the year began on lobbying efforts to change the mind’s of federal lawmakers. While it may seem exorbitant, Harrah’s new online gambling brand could stand to make more than $50 million if the bill is finally passed. Harrah’s has led the way for many other land-based operators, causing many Las Vegas and Atlantic City casinos to begin showing their support of online gambling. Harrah’s want land-based companies to know that they can cash in when Frank’s online gambling bill is finally passed, obtaining a market share worth billions of dollars.

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