Rama First Nations Opposes GTA Casino

The OLG’s proposal for a new casino in the Greater Toronto Area has garnered a great deal of criticism from a wide range of sources. Several casino operators across the province have spoken out, but the larger brands have decided to stay out of it – until now. Operators of Ontario’s Casino Rama have expressed their displeasure at the new plans to build a new casino in the GTA.

Casino Rama (owned by the Rama First Nations) is the first choice for gamblers located within the 905 area code. The operators are now beginning to feel threatened by the proposal of a new casino in the GTA, as it would take away valuable business and revenue from the established gambling venue. 

In addition to reducing overall profits for the casino, the new GTA gambling site would have an adverse impact on the employees of Casino Rama. Many of the employees at the casino are Natives, who depend heavily on the income they receive from their jobs there. 

Taras Natyshak of the NDP calls the move a slap in the face to First Nations individuals. The OLG has not communicated with First Nations about its plans to build a new casino in the GTA, and its proposal seems underhanded. 


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