Megadice Lotto Offers Daily Winnings

Lottery players have many reasons to be excited this weekend.  The OLG Lotto Max jackpot is an incredible $50 million, along with 50 $1 million prizes available when the draw takes place after 9pm EST tonight.  Lotto 6/49 also provides gamers a chance at a $24 million jackpot that will be drawn tomorrow night, and if there is no winner, next week’s jackpot will be even bigger.

However, Ontarians can play a new lottery game that offers daily winnings.  The OLG Megadice Lotto is a combination of an instant win dice game, and a traditional lottery draw.  With this game, you have the chance to instantly win with a roll of the digital dice, and the potential for up to $100,000 in the draw each night.

The dice game will randomly roll seven six numbered dice, which will generate the results on a display screen for players to see.  The amount you can win depends on the odds for each roll.  For example, a roll that results in two sets of three of a kind will win you $5 but if all seven dice generate the same number, you will win the grand prize of $7,500.

The lotto draw works similarly to other lottery draws, but with one important difference; it is a daily draw.  Each night, six winning numbers from 1 to 39 along with a bonus number are drawn.  Players match the numbers on their tickets with the numbers pulled in the draw, and require a minimum match of three numbers to win.  However, if your ticket matches all six of the winning numbers, you will win the $100,000 jackpot.

The cost to play both games is a simple $2, but provides double the chances to make it worthwhile.  If you don’t want to wait a full week for a chance to win at the lottery, the Megadice Lotto is the game for you.

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