Maple Ridge Gaming Centre Asks For More Slots

The Maple Ridge Community Gaming Centre is the latest brick and mortar investment by the BCLC.  In partnership with the Great Canadian Gaming Corporation, the BCLC approved 150 slots for the new facility, which is scheduled to open in the fall. 

But Maple Ridge Mayor Ernie Daykin wants approval from the BCLC to install up to 200 slots.  The city council already has infrastructure development plans for their share of the slots revenue, but Daykin argues the revenue from an additional 50 machines would offset the need to increase property taxes within the community.

“We’ll still have capacity to do some improvements or projects.  The biggest key for the gaming money is that it doesn’t go for ongoing programs.”

The 100 slots at the Haney Bingo Plex, the temporary home of the Maple Ridge gambling community until the new facility is complete, generated nearly $820,000 of revenues in 2012.  Maple Ridge council predicts 200 slots in the new facility will provide more than enough revenue to pay for infrastructure touchups in the downtown region, and make minor improvements around Maple Ridge.  The community plans to use an additional $500,000 from the slots in 2014 to pay for road and sewer improvements.

The Great Canadian Gaming Corporation presented its plans for the Maple Ridge Gaming Centre to the BCLC early in 2008.  The plans were taken to Maple Ridge city council later that year, which voted to amend the gaming zone rights to authorize the facility.  The facility will sit near the Lougheed Highway to provide easy access for locals as well as commuters.

The BCLC recently sent a letter to Daykin’s office that construction delays will prevent the Gaming Centre from housing the full 200 slots upon opening.  According to the statement, the most Maple Ridge can expect is 175.

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