Dutch Gambling Laws to Go The Way of the French?

It has recently been leaked that the Netherlands is currently thinking of auctioning off licenses to online casino operators interested in taking part in the country’s industry. If the government choose to go this, Holland will be emulating France’s regulation process, which was met with a great deal of disdain from European gambling operators.

What angered online casino operators so much about France’s regulatory process is that licenses were too expensive. It edged out smaller companies and even caused local gambling operators to pull out of their own market. There was only enough room for bigger online casino brands with a great deal of money, but even companies 888 voiced their disappointment with the laws.

A study has revealed that this type of regulation would earn the Dutch government more than €10 million in licensing fees with the first year’s revenue totaling more than €250 million.

However, these numbers may not prove to be accurate if enough operators become discouraged from entering the Netherlands gambling market. Because of high costs, online casino operators will begin having to choose between which markets to pay licensing fees for, which could mean bad news for the Dutch gambling industry. It is likely that the Remote Gambling Association will intervene and suggest a more appropriate option.

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