Increase in Gaming Consumption Among Smartphone Users

The digital climate changes rapidly, and with each new month a shift occurs in the mobile and online gaming realm. A new development sees an increasing number of smartphone users downloading digital media like online games, outnumber the rate of online users that do the same.

According to Magid Media Futures: Mobile 2011, smartphone users are now bigger downloaders than social networking users who primarily log on to the internet to interact with friends via Facebook and Twitter. It indicates that about 45% of all smartphone users play games on their phones. The remaining 55% stated that they would likely begin taking part in mobile gaming within the next 12 months.

The study also reports that many smartphone gamers use their mobile devices as their primary gaming device. This is an indication to online gambling and online poker developers that they too must shift their focus if they want to stay current. If the majority of online gamers are playing games from their smartphones, developers must provide mobile content in order to meet demands.

Currently, smartphone gambling is only available in particular markets across the UK and Europe. However, several American states are in the process of attempting to legislate online as well as mobile gambling.

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