OLG Launches Wheel Of Fortune Lotto With Jackpot Up To $100,000

Wheel of Fortune, the popular evening entertainment show, shares many similarities with lotteries.  After all, one spin of the game wheel could be life-changing the same way one lottery ticket could be the key to a jackpot prize.

OLG Wheel of Fortune Lotto

The OLG CA seemingly recognized this comparison and created a new daily lottery game called ‘OLG Wheel of Fortune Lotto,’ which debuted at Ontario lottery retailers on November 5.  The game parallels the popular game show and offers players two opportunities to win daily prizes with one $2 ticket.

The first prize is a chance to win a $10,000 instant win prize when purchasing the lottery ticket.  Players watch an animated “spin of the wheel” on the display screen where they purchase their tickets, with prizes paid out accordingly based on where the wheel comes to a stop.

The other prize is the nightly $100,000 Lotto Word Draw.  On the back of each purchased lottery ticket is a set of words that will be drawn by the OLG after 9pm each night.  Players whose tickets match at least three words win a prize, and players who match all six words win the grand prize of $100,000.

Wendy Montgomery, OLG Vice President of Lottery and Sales, believes the Wheel of Fortune Lotto will be very successful with regular lottery players, as well as other Ontarians who prefer to gamble at casinos rather than the lottery.

Our research showed that three out of four players found the game appealing because of the unique and entertaining ways to win.  That it’s based on the Wheel of Fortune game show, a cultural icon and the most successful game show in TV history, makes the lottery game that much more exciting.

Results for each draw can be found on the OLG website, and will also be distributed through mobile alerts as well as at media centres across Ontario.

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