Go Daddy Sued for Aiding Creator of Michael Jackson Online Casino

Its not often that the online gambling community gets attention from the famed entertainment news entity TMZ.com, but today it has. It reported that GoDaddy.com has been sued for $100, after aiding a businessman who attempted to launch a Michael Jackson-themed online casino.

Howard Mann initiated the lawsuit, after finding photos he owns on the new MichaelJacksonCasino.com. The owner of the website has managed to keep his identity a secret, so Mann has also directed his lawsuit towards GoDaddy for registering the website at all. Mann hopes that the case will eventually force the owner of the website to come forward. Until then, he will continue to fight the mystery owner and GoDaddy.com for $100 million in damages.

The websites homepage proclaims:"The King of Pop is proud to bring you the most exciting Vegas style online casino betting experience on the Net!"

But, Michael Jackson’s estate has not allowed for the website to be created. The late pop superstar’s name has been attached to the online casino without anyone’s permission, and the lawyer for his estate hopes that the perpetrator will be uncovered.

All links on the website, including all of the news, links to a website called "Sportsbetting.com". However, there is no concrete proof that both sites have the same owner. Regardless of who owns the site, MichaelJacksonCasino.com certainly disrespects the dead and it would be great to see the site’s own be put to justice.

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