XBOX Live Users Attacked By Hackers

It has been revealed that a group of hackers is scamming thousands of dollars out of XBOX Live players by tricking them into sharing personal information. This latest hacker attack comes shortly after Playstation’s PSN network was hacked earlier this year, costing the company millions. 

The hackers having been using tactics similar to those used for phishing. Players are sent emails which are used for harvesting money from their XBOX Live accounts. Those being targeted are a younger demographic, so it has been easy for the hackers to steal funds, as players are unaware of the risks involved in opening suspicious emails. 

Microsoft has denied being hacked, stating that its security had not been breached by any hacker attacks.  However, the company has recognized that players have fallen victim to phishing scams. Microsoft stated that users who have been scammed should contact them immediately, so that the company can identify the hackers and take other measures to prevent more attacks from taking place. 

The company has been working with customers who have been hacked to deal with any authorized charges that have been made to their accounts. Microsoft is also aiming to inform players about the dangers of opening suspicious emails.



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