Full Tilt to Resume Online Poker Operations

When it was announced last week that PokerStars had purchased Full Tilt Poker, it was too early to tell what the company’s plans were for its newly acquired poker room. Now, PokerStars is finally ready to revel its plans, announcing that Full Tilt Poker will be opened as an online poker room separate from PokerStars.

Before Black Friday, Full Tilt Poker and PokerStars were the leaders in the online poker market. The two companies competed head-to-head for the same customer base, both offering competitive online poker games and sponsoring high-profile events. Both sites were shut down on Black Friday but PokerStars was allowed to continue operating while PokerStars remained offline. During that time, PokerStars became the top choice among online poker players around the world.

According to The Bulletin, it was revealed that Full Tilt Poker will be open to the public again in just a few months. November will mark the triumphant return to the online poker world. Despite the fact that it will be run by PokerStars, Full Tilt will return to its former glory, offering players an alternative option for online poker activities.

When the two sites were compared, many players preferred Full Tilt Poker’s software. It presented players with a smoother online gaming experience and a wider range of sit-and-go tournaments. So, players around the world will appreciate Full Tilt Poker’s return to the online poker world.

Players won’t be the only ones who are pleased with the news. It has also been announced that all of Full Tilt’s former 200 employees will get their jobs back. The company will pick up where it left of before Black Friday, complete with the same team of online gaming professionals.


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