Five Online Casino Games That Players Love

Popular Casino Games

The popularity of casino games has increased substantially. The double digit growth of the online gambling industry is due to numerous factors including online delivery, traditional casino games, excellent offers and more. Due to the increase in popularity the majority of land based casinos are offering an online mode to bring in additional customers. Technology is shaping the industry and it is becoming increasingly innovative. The gamers have selected their most popular games according to their priorities, interests and tastes.

Online Slots

The popularity of online slots has increased for desktops and mobile phones. The main reasons for the popularity are the large selection of slot machines and the assortment of paylines and reels available. Online casino games originated in 1996 with slots being responsible for a major share in the industry. Slots are easy to learn, consistently offer better wins, new features, a lot of fun and more. The payouts are bigger and multi-million dollar jackpots are available to the players.


The popularity of online blackjack increases every year. Online blackjack is responsible for nearly 31 percent of all table games played online. The online gamers have made this game popular because of the element of skill required, the high payouts and the numerous variations available. The game enables players to make side bets while offering fun and exceptional entertainment. The online casinos provide offers and promotions including joining bonuses and free play mode. This has increased the popularity even more.


Roulette attracts 24 percent of the table game players in the online industry. Roulette offers the players higher payouts and an excellent gaming experience. Most online casinos provide diverse varieties of the game such as a live dealer and playing against the house. Many gamers employ creative strategies in an to attempt to beat the machines. The majority of roulette games offer numerous options for betting including split bets, street bets, corner bets and more.


The large number of variations available place poker in its own category. The casinos offer live poker, video poker and electronic poker to the players. This represents nearly 21 percent of the action for the online tables. The variations such as Pai Gow Poker, 3 Card Poker and Let Em’ Ride have made the game more popular in the last few years. These games offer sensational rewards like progressive jackpot bets.

Baccarat and Punto Banco

Another major game in cards is Baccarat. The most popular version in the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, Australia and Macau is Punto Banco. This is where nine percent of the action in table games all over the globe is centered. Side bets are offered to the players by numerous casinos. A high house edge is showcased in the game version. This game focuses a lot more on luck than on strategy.

The success of all of these games has become critical to the continued growth of the online casino sector. It is interesting to note the fans have had a very warm reception to games such as Bingo and Craps during the last few years.