Apprentice Winner Involved in Betting Scandal

Entertainment betting has become one of the most popular activities at online betting sites, allowing punters from around the world can place bets on their favourite reality television shows. The same safeguards that are in place to fight match fixing in sports betting are also imposed in entertainment betting, but a recent scandal has seen the winner of the UK Apprentice accused to leaking information to aid punters.
Stella English, winner of this season’s apprentice, has been accused to leaking information about her win just three days before the show’s finale. This allowed those who obtained the hint to go out and place bets on the odds of her winning the show, similar to match-fixing in sports like football.
Ms. English could be in some big trouble if the scandal is confirmed. According to, many reality show contracts state that contestants could be fined up to $5 million for leaking any information. And, with only a £100,000 from the Apprentice UK, Stella English cannot afford a lawsuit.
Entertainment betting is actually very risky when it comes to the possibility of leaking information. Because the winner is already predetermined by the time the finale of a show airs, it makes it more likely for leaks to be made.

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