Banks Encouraged to Blacklist Illegal Gambling Sites

According to a recent report in Dutch News NL, the government has prepared a blacklist of illegal gambling sites and is advising banks to refuse credit card transactions with websites that do not operate under a Dutch license. A corroborating report from the ANP news agency confirms individual banks in the Netherlands currently have the right to comply or reject the blacklist of online gambling sites the government deems illegal.

This action comes in spite of a recent legal decision by the Dutch Council of State in favor of Betfair is a leading online casino powered by the software giant  Playtech and licensed in the UK. Its application for a license to operate from the Netherlands was denied in 2004 while at the same time licenses were granted to the Dutch monopoly operator De Lotto and SGR without any tender process.

In 2009 when the Dutch government once again tried to prohibit Betfair from providing online gambling to Dutch citizens and requested banks not to transfer payments to and from online gambling sites the action was appealed by the online casino company. In its ruling in favor of the Dutch Council of State agreed the refusal of the Dutch Ministry to grant a license to was illegal and that the licensing process used by the Dutch government is discriminatory and contravenes EU law.

Prior to the decision, the Dutch government announced it would consider implementing laws to license and regulate online gambling sites but in its drive to regulate the online gambling industry, it continues to insist banks in the Netherlands refrain from conducting business with illegal gambling sites.

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