Players Will Come Back to Full Tilt Poker

With rumours circulating that Full Tilt Poker has been bought by a European investor, online poker players are considering going back to play at tarnished poker website. According a new study, players have stated that if Full Tilt Poker were to resume operations, they would return to play.

Of over 1200 respondants, 21% stated that they would log back on to cash out 100% of their winnings while 27% would only cash out some of the money. The remaining respondants would continue playing at the website as they had before Full Tilt Poker was implicated in the Black Friday crackdown.

While many players would not be bothered to continue playing at a website that has caused such controversy, others remain loyal to Full Tilt. Despite all of its troubles, Full Tilt Poker remains one of the top online poker websites in the world. The website has gained fans from all over the world, thanks to its sophistocated software that remains unmatched by the site’s closest competitors.

Some wondered if Full Tilt Poker would ever go back to being as popular as it was before the Black Friday debacle, but studies like this suggest that it is likely.

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