Drama after Paddy Power Advertises Odds on Dead Player

Gambling has always been there since time immemorial, and for many years now, it receives criticism from political leaders and is even condemned by the church. However what people tend to forget is that it also has some benefits which is why some people tend to stick to it. For instance, many countries benefit from it through the revenue it generates.

It also creates employment of millions of people who work in the casinos, betting and gambling agencies and even bloggers who write about it. Besides, gaming helps keep the brains of the people involved active by activation of the neural pathways as they strive to make the right odds and choices. It is better than drugs. It also acts as a form of entertainment and also gives a sense of freedom when conducted in the right manner.

Today there are many forms of gambling which have come up such as placing bets on how a baseball, Basketball match will go. But the most common kind of gaming is based on football games where people bet on how an individual game will end or even which player will go to another team. Sometimes the soccer maniacs even place bets on who will be made the manager of a particular team.

However, it’s not always that the gambling companies put the right fixtures. For instance, a famous firm which goes by the name Paddy Power was recently criticized for placing odds on a former footballer. Although the firm made apologies that was not enough as people still went on to bash it because some of the customers who had no idea that Ego Ehiogu is dead had already begun working on how the bet will go. Some of the famous people who made comments on the matter include Mart Zarb who was hoping it was a mistake and not a joke on its clients.

Tom Wainwright also commented and said it was quite sick while David Kelly said that the company has poor taste. Paddy Power had placed odds of 66-1 on the famous but dead England defender known as Ego Ehiogu. The customers were supposed to place their bets depending on the chances of the late player becoming manager of Birmingham City after the previous one got sacked. That was obviously not possible since Ehiogu is already dead.

The late ex-Aston Villa player had quite a remarkable reputation and once played for Rangers and Middleborough. He was Tottenham’s under twenty-three coach and died after he suffered a cardiac arrest. Ego Ehiogu died on the training ground. Other odds that Paddy Power had advertised for the same reason but which were genuine include 33-1 between Frank De Boer who had been fired from Crystal Palace and Sam Allardyce who was previously the manager of England, 275-1 between Gabriel Agbonlahor who is a striker for Aston and Ozzy Osborne a Birmingham veteran.

Paddy Power made an effort to set the record straight by replying to the hundreds of infuriated twitter users on a one on one basis. Through a press statement, the gambling firm said that they advertised the odds by mistake after they used a former market template something they rectified with immediate effect after they made a realization. The spokesman also went on to add that the odds did not last more than five minutes hence no customer had placed any bet. In the same press release, they went on to apologize to the family of the defender who died at a tender age of forty-four years. Nonetheless, we cannot blame Paddy power since human is to err and we are all prone to making mistakes.