Mobile Sportsbetting Experiences 300% Growth

As more and more people around the world discover the convenience of having smart phones like the iPhone and Androids, the mobile entertainment industry continues to experience an upswing. Mobile gaming is one of the most popular subsections of the industry, with online poker and online casino websites launching a wide range of smart phone applications. Now, mobile sportsbetting is beginning to see the benefits of allowing players to place wagers from their mobile devices.

Paddy Power, a popular online sportsbook, is one such operator, who has launching a mobile sports betting application for iPhone and Android phones. The company has seen significant mobile growth this year, as a recent report has revealed that mobile stakes increased by 298% from the beginning of 2011. There has also been a 34% increase in the number of customers that use the company’s mobile gambling applications.

With the PC gaming world fully saturated, operators are now turning their attention to the mobile gaming market. There is an ever-increasing demand for mobile entertainment. As technology in the market continues to advance, more users will be looking for mobile casino and betting applications for their mobile phones and tablet computers – and operators are preparing for the influx in demand.

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