Donald Trump Enters Online Gambling Market

Donald Trump is one of the richest men in America. He has earned his fortune in the real estate market, but is now targeting online gambling, seeing the immense value in taking part in the online casino industry as the American government gets closer to legislation. 

“Like usual, the U.S. is just missing out”, Trump said in an interview with Forbes Magazine. 

Trump is preparing his plan to launch an online gambling website as he anticipates that the activity will be legalized on either a state or federal level in the neat future. He believes that New Jersey may be the closest to passing an online gambling legislation; although the most recent proposal was rejected, several politicians are still working towards legalizing online gambling.

Currently, Trump and his business partner Mark Lasry are looking for a management partner. They hope to enlist the help of someone who has worked in offshore gambling, with a great deal of experience in operating online casino websites. 

Like most proponents for online gambling, Donald Trump believes that the United States is missing out on a valuable opportunity to earn additional tax revenue. He is patiently awaiting online gambling legislation, and has announced that he will not take action until the activity is legalized in the United States. 


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