Study Reveals Quebec Gambling Behaviour

According to a new study from Concordia University, 70% of Quebec residents gambling, and more than 40 000 are pathological gamblers.  
Conducted by Concordia University over a 5-month period, the study set out to examine the prevalence of gambling in the province in addition to behavioural problems associated with the activity. It sound that 70% of Quebec residents gambled within the past year, spending an average of nearly $500 for that period of time.

The study was conducted among more than 11 000 adults in the province. According to lead researchers Dr. Sylvia Kairouz and Dr. Louise Nadeau, this is just the beginning of a five year study on the subject. Over their years, they aim for their findings to support prevention and treatment methods.

"The study found a higher proportion of video lottery terminal (VLTs) gamers among men and young people aged 18 to 24”, says Dr. Kairouz. “They play more often and spend more substantial amounts of money”.

There has yet to be study conducted that examines the behavioral effects of gambling in Canada, and it is commendable that the researchers seek to aid prevention and treatment strategies with their findings. With an increasing number of gambling outlets becoming available, it is important to have the proper safeguards in place.  


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