GameCo Wants to Bring Skill-Based Games to A Struggling Atlantic City

atlantic city

atlantic citySkill-based gambling may do a lot to help save Atlantic City. GameCo is coming up with some ideas for skill-based games with the direct intention of bringing these games to Atlantic City. And Atlantic City could use any help GameCo offers.

Atlantic City has been home to some very popular casinos since the late 1970’s. The glory days of the great south Jersey city are long past. Among the reasons for this is the casinos are having a tough time drawing in younger persons. The classic casino games of previous generations do not appeal all that much to younger persons. It is legal to gamble at the age of 21, but a lot of 20 and 30 year-olds are gambling. Perhaps the gaming choice provided to them plays a major role in whether or not they will choose to play.

Skilled-based games employ on-screen action similar to what someone would find with a video game console. Yes, this is far removed from the age-old slot machine concept and also the classic green-felt table game. All these things are a bit outdated to younger person. Anyone who has grown up with video games is going to be more attracted to skill-based casino games than the more archaic old school betting options. Younger persons are going to feel a connection to something closer to their generation. So, the inclusion of skill-based games makes a lot of sense.

The presence of the word “skill” in skill-based games should not be ignored. Younger persons realize they can win even a very challenging game if their skill levels are high enough. They know this from having played a variety of different video games throughout their life. Many traditional casino games are based too much on chance for young persons. Even games like blackjack, games that require a little deliberation when drawing or holding on cards, appear to be based too much on random deals. Skill-based games put the player in greater charge of the event. Younger players become more confident in their ability to win when this is the case.

Also, those classic games are a bit too dull for young persons. Skill-based games have a tendency to be a lot more exciting. GameCo has plans to develop a “first person action engine”, which would be a lot livelier for younger, video game enthusiasts.

GameCo is working with 505 Games to come up with a prototype. The ultimate goal of all the work is to put these games into the New Jersey casinos. Atlantic City really could use something to give the town a major boost. Sadly, it seems the casinos ran too much on autopilot for too long. Upon becoming far too comfortable with the traditional games they provided, nothing was done to plan for the future and address the needs of younger customers.

Nevada understood the necessity to provide skill-based games. The state legislature approved a measure allowing for skill-based games to be integrated with slot machines. Likely, the scope of the games will be expanded in time.

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