Ireland to Reform Gambling Laws

Ireland is currently one of the few countries in Europe that has yet to consider any form of gambling regulation. In fact, the country’s laws are more than 50 years old, and have never been updated to keep up with the industry. It is only now that Ireland has decided to look into gambling legislation, as a way to boost the economy and avoid a bailout.

According to the Irish Independent Dermot Ahern, Justice Minister, is the brains behind the idea. He hopes to conduct a gambling reform so that a large casino can be built in the country. The current plan for the casino includes a five-star hotel, racecourse, golf course and 600-square foot casino floor. It would be built near the motorway and is predicted to cost about €470 million.

It is believed that the government has already received more than 70 legislation submissions and it seems as though politicians in the country are eager to finally update Ireland’s antiquated gambling laws. The passing of the new law would take a minimum of 12 years.

This is just the first step towards bringing Ireland’s gambling industry up-to-date with the rest of Europe. No word yet on whether or not online gambling is being considered, but it is a likely possibility.

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