First $40 Million Lotto Prize Won

 Lotto Max offers the biggest prize to Canadians. Up to $40 million is up for grabs nearly every week, but no one has ever won the coveted prize – until now. A couple from Saskatchewan has claimed the unprecedented cash prize, which has now become the biggest lottery prize ever to be won in the province. 

Previously, the record was set at $25 million, won by another couple in 2009. While the Lotto Max Jackpot is often set at $40 million, the prize is normally split up between several winners, but this time the whole prize was awarded to one lucky couple.

John and Darlene Kinzel live in the small village of Paradise Hill, which only has a population of 500 people. Prior to winning the lottery, this was where the couple intended on settling down and retiring. Now, their plans have changed. 

The Kinzels are now looking buying a much larger house, where they can host visits from their 5 grandchildren. They are also hoping to retire early and spend more time travelling. John Kinzel has actually never left Canada and will certainly be taking this opportunity to travel as much as possible in the near future. 


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